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Looks like the "good screen" part of today went towards a "conference at home" mood. Seen some really good stuff. I need to get that RAG going.

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  • Tudor Vianu, Cum se scrie o carte, 1963 - YouTube

    Această primă și esențială condiție este existența unei concepții în oricare dintre domeniile activității umane vrednice de a fi comunicată. Cred că cea dintâi întrebare pe care trebuie să și-o pună cineva hotărât să compună o carte este dacă are sau nu ceva de spus. Adică față de ceea ce cultura a produs în trecut, socotește că poate adăuga ceva nou, fie chiar și în forma unei sistematizări mai limpezi a cunoștințelor existente la un moment dat.

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And some LEAN4 codebases:

A good starting point:

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PS: I think it's Strange Loop binge time! 🍿🥤

Oh, and finally, spent plenty of time today reading through Transaction Fee Mechanism Design for the Ethereum Blockchain: An Economic Analysis of EIP-1559; Tim Roughgarden. A really good read - a game theoretic analysis of a web3 mechanism, a very useful example. I'm wondering if there's a chance I could use Lean4 to reproduce the formal proof in the paper (s.6). tbd..

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  • Obtaining Statistical Properties by Simulating Specs with TLC - Jack Vanlightly and Markus A. Kuppe. Extract stats from TLC model simulations. Timestamped at a point where they show how changing the model structurally gives you different stats. TLA+ seems well suited to this kind of architectural switches. Still to try it out, but I sense a more succint expression of models in TLA+ vs. Python (or other modeling language/frameworks like rust, julia, etc..). Sidenote: Still looking fwd to using Clojure in modsim. Don't miss the rest of the demo cases (rabbitmq, kafka protocol sim). The rabbitmq sim: they use TLA+ to express, simulate and propose protocol changes that ultimately went upstream in the client library 🔥. Plus, should try out R and ggplot2 (pity i missed this SHARE #2: Beautiful Data Visualisation in R). Conclusions interesting to hear about TLA+ in simulation: allows you to define workloads, perturbations, etc.. as the initial state predicate.

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  • Common value representation—a neuroeconomic perspective | Handbook of Value

    How do humans make choices between different types of rewards? Economists have long argued on theoretical grounds that humans typically make these choices “as if” the values of the options they consider have been mapped to a single common scale for comparison. Neuroimaging studies in humans have recently begun to suggest the existence of a small group of specific brain sites that appear to encode the subjective values of different types of rewards on a neural common scale

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  • It's okay to Make Something Nobody Wants. This article off HN ringed a bell. I've been thinking about this "heuristic" of just "follow your own taste" when being creative - since you like a certain thing, it probably has some quality that others might enjoy too. Your own taste can be a good guide.
  • Why do cells die from a lack of oxygen? (and related Oxygen deprivation induced cell death 🔥). Why don't they just power down, hibernate, dehydrate or something while waiting for better conditions?

    The most common causes of death in an aging population include myocardial infarction, stroke and cancer. These diseases share a common feature that limitation of oxygen availability contributes to the development of the pathology. (link)

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  • Ego and Math | 2023 Stanford Math Department Commencement Speech. How to choose what to work on. How much of the choice depends on your perceived success, how much from what others find valuable in the solution? 3b1b's Problem/Domain Worthiness Evaluation Function = low_weight_factors(hardness, originality for it's own sake is hollow, math has intrinsic beauty which is more potent if there's something useful in it too). Will matter more if it depends less on yourself and it depends a bit more on others and what you're doing for them.

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    Projectional editing thus usually displays a wider range of editing environments - including graphical and tabular structures - rather than just a textual form.

    Sophisticated source based IDEs also show multiple projections - for instance a side pane showing a list of methods for a class with graphical annotations to indicate their AccessModifiers. However these projections are usually very much secondary to a source editor, and often the projections can't be edited directly - you have to change the source and see the projection update.

  • Projectional Editing: The Future of Programming

    In parser-based approaches, users use text editors to enter character sequences that represent programs. A parser then checks the program for syntactic correctness and constructs an abstract syntax tree (AST) from the character sequence. The AST contains all the semantic information expressed by the program, i.e. keywords, and the purely syntactic aspects are then committed.

    In projectional editors, the process happens the other way around: as a user edits the program, the AST is modified directly. This is similar to the Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern where every editing action triggers a change in the AST.

  • (and sequel)

    Say it long, say it loud, functional programming is about side-effects. (And side-causes, of course).

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    client-first webapps, good refs to ideas, problem areas and solutions


    "Open source building blocks for computational design. Est.2006." Some crazy visualizations, packed with tons of software/libs.

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  • Alan Kay 2003 ACM A.M. Turing Award Lecture 🔥

    I have to watch this lecture again. In fact, adding the whole list of lectures ACM A.M. Turing Award Lectures.

  • The Hiring Post

    "[…] on that first-call, we’d gingerly ask the candidate some technical questions to find out how acquainted they were with our field. Many weren’t, at all. Those candidates got a study guide, a couple of free books, and an open invitation to proceed with the process whenever they were ready. Those $80 in books candidates received had one of the best ROIs of any investment we made anywhere in the business." & more; from @tqbf.

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  • Tokenomics Fundamentals

    An excellent series on tokenomics by Charles Shen. It follows a mind-map style rooted in 6 key aspects that spans broadly in economics, governance, product, community, … . I enjoyed his talks and am really glad he published the content in written form!

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    "Law: You can’t check code you can’t parse. Checking code deeply requires understanding the code’s semantics. The most basic requirement is that you parse it. Parsing is considered a solved problem. Unfortunately, this view is naïve, rooted in the widely believed myth that programming languages exist."

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